find a good massage tampa?

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How to choose a massage table for my grandmother?

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My grandmother is more than 70years old, I want to buy her a massage table for Christmas gifts. But I don’t know how to choose it.Can you give some advices? Thanks a lot.

A massage table should be about level with the hips of the person doing the massage. One with adjustable legs is always best. It should be comfortable for the person lying on it. Heavy people are more comfortable on a wide one. Some of them have holes for the face, but I never found that feature useful. Hope this helps.

How do I propose chair massage to a company?

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I would like to try to do chair massage for companies in my area. I’m not sure on how to write up a proposal. Does anyone have any info on what to write or where I can look online to get an idea? Thanks!!

Hi i think the first thing you should clear that you should know how to do this job and what’s result this job will bring to you. after you get this, i am sure you can make a good job in proposing chair massage to a company.

Why can’t i log into Flickr?

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I log in and it doesn’t actually log in. It just comes up with ‘Flickr is having a massage, check our online blog!’

Why can’t i log in?
No seriously, It did actually say ‘massage’

I’ve just logged on to confirm that. It does say it.

There’s been a problem with the servers on Flickr and they needed to be taken off line to be fixed.

I’m sorry if you felt that the "Flickr is having a massage" message was patronising – it’s simply part of the Flickr approach. Most users feel it’s a good approach, and better than leaving a blank page or an error code which few understand.

The site is back up, there may be some problems with database lag for a few more hours (it needs to be propagated over seven main servers) but it should be usable by now.

I’m sorry for the problems, hopefully you haven’t been too inconvenienced.

Good place for massage?

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So I have multiple issues with my back and I was in China and got a wonderful 90 minutes massage for just 40 dollars. While I realize nothing will compare to that experience, I am looking for a place in Tampa, Fl where I can get a quality, affordable massage. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any input.

Average income in China is very low compared to Tampa, FL Your 40 dollars was 15+percent of average monthly income.

Even if you took a minimum wage worker and you paid 15% of monthly income in Tampa you would pay well in excess of 150 dollars. So your fees in tampa are actually not too high compared to cost of labor – you were in fact in China taken to the cleaners compared to the cost of salaries.

I am sorry but your best bet for lost cost massage is the massage clinic of the local massage school

Where can I sell my massage table?

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Is there any place that will buy my massage table from me. I have put adds in the classifides but no one is intrested. It’s a perfectly good table and I need to get tid of it because I have a new one. Are there any stores that would buy it?

put it on ebay and let people bid, or you could just put a buy now price. You could put it up for collection only as well, if it is easier.
good luck on selling it!

How can I market my chair massage business?

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I am starting a chair massage business where I go to homes and businesses to do chair massage but I don’t know how to get the clients. Any advice?

Talk with companies that have employees working 8hr desk jobs. Mention you are promoting your chair massage business and you would like to include their business on your monthly rotation. Explain that you plan to visit office buildings each week and would like to include their business on the rotation. Initially, offer 2hours of work during a specific day of the week. Anyone interested must email you for a 15 minute time (aha! you now have their email!!!). If no one emails you, then show up anyway (the first time). Offer 50% off fee the first time, payment coming directly to you from each client. Even if you only get one person the first time with contact info, you are at least "in" with the company. Then plan a second visit in about 4 weeks because, "that is the next available week." [They don’t need to know you have all kinds of time available. Make it seem like you are already busy with other businesses interested.] If they do not want to schedule with you right away, then ask if they would rather be put on the schedule two months from now. This does two things. First, it forces a follow up session in either one month or two. Second, it determines their interest. If they want one right away next month, then get the ball rolling with them. If they want one in two months, it may not be a good location, but follow up with them in one month anyway! It may develop further. The second visit, continue to offer 50% off to those who refer another person in, and the referred person gets 25% off. If there is a third visit that is successful, then you may want to offer package discounts which forces additional visits. Then you can renegotiate frequency.

Focus on 50 businesses you want to contact initially. Make a commitment to get at least 2 businesses per week on your rotation. As you get through your 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd visit with each business you visit, you will begin to determine which locations are your top candidates for more frequent visits at a more desirable fee. If the employees are happy with your visits, then ask the employer if they are willing to pay for a percentage of the sessions (to guarantee you pay for each minute you are there for them), then also integrate some gift certificates, drawings or prizes into the mix for "employees of the month" or other such recognitions. I hope this helps a little.

Can i revive and restart friendship with him?

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I make friend with him 2 month ago on his snsd blog, on the day first we were making jokes, fun and me and him are snsd fans but he been asking me to become translating author since day 3 because i told him a know korean language and hold his invition. Recently he got one new writing and translating author and everything turn bad, he ignored most of my private chat room massage or stop chatting with all people on his blog when i logged in the chatroom and he begin to chat after i logged out and all he say was my missuderstanding and he’s busy but why he’s chatting non stop when i logged out?. Just now i asking him to remove all my youtube videos he did embeded to his blog, but he ignoring my massage too then i say i going to disable it and he removed all my videos and but he still doesn’t say anything or reply message. what to do now, i asked him to decleare cut ties but he still no replying anything. I did cut ties with him Yesterday, but today i going back to his blog page and i asking him is we can be friends with him but he not replying everything. Today too i lose some subscriber on youtube is that his jobs too?


Is there any paid massage therapy internships out there?

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if not paid are there any massage therapy internships out there near tampa, florida

No. There are no such things as massage therapy internships in the US.

How can I sell my massage table?

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Its new its been use twice I got it from school but I had got hurt . So I dont use it no more and my bills are behind I need the money for it. I had to pay my daughter funerals bills and its hard for me so the massage table is in good condintion. Well taken care of it has everything that goes to it even the case to put the massage in it.