How to choose where to go for massage therapy?

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I am already in the healthcare field (occupational therapy) , living in florida, and I would like to become a massage therapist. How do I decide which school to go to? I’d like to stay in Florida for Massage therapy school. Does anyone attend a massage therapy school in FLorida (especially in Ft Myers, Gainesville or Tampa) or have you? Are you happy with the school and your massage education? There are so many choices when it comes to schools, and very few are accredited. The ones that are accredited are more expensive (from what I’ve seen online ranging from 7000- 10000$)There are some non accredited schools priced from 2000- 5000$… I want a good education, but don’t have tons of money to spend on massage school right now. So how do I decide- does anyone in the field have any advice?
THe other question is… if a school has more credits in their program like 700-1000, rather than the very basic 500 credits required by fl law, then is it inherently a better school?

My teacher is Bruce Simmer. He taught at Gainsville. Im in oklahoma and make no less than 100$ for an hour massage. Medical Massage is a wonderful business especially if you add holistic medicine .

How do I repair claw marks in a massage table?

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I am an acupuncturist who does housecalls. Two days ago, my cat jumped on my portable massage table and put her claws through it. The damage is all puncture and no tearing. Is there any way to patch the table so that the clawmarks are not as visible?

When I was attending massage school one of the tables had a rip in it and was covered by some kind of a clear round tape so if you have some clear (strong) adhesive tape you might want to try that or you can purchase a vinyl repair kit, I believe hardware and auto stores sell them for less than $10 or check out the massage warehouse if you are willing to wait for delivery

What is the best massage chair out there?

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I am looking to buy a massage chair. I have been researching and trying to figure out which is the best, but of course everyone claims to be. So I am hoping one of you can answer with some experience or at least guide me to a legit unbiased website.
I like pressure airbags on the legs, full body massage, including arms, heated, possibly mp3, lays flat 180. These are some of the must for me.
I have a chronic pain condition that is incurable so price is no option for me.
Thank you

Need to go and try them out. ^^

Does this really work for hair growth or is it a myth?

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I read this in some blog and was wondering if it really helps hair growth

Massage aloe vera gel over the scalp and leave it for about one hour.After this rinse the hair with warm water. It gives amazing results for hair growth.

i don’t know if anything works for hair growth, except time….

massage schools in Tampa Bay….?

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i’m certified in TX, and trying to find a good school in Clearwater

spc is great and they have great financial aide programs…they are located at the intersection of drew st and old coachman rd…i hope this helps…o yeah clearwater kicks asss…..

Massage therapist looking for help choosing a new massage table, any recomendations?

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I am looking for a very lightweight, portable massage table on which to do massage and reiki treatments. The oakworks advanta and wellspring look good, but are pricey. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with these two tables, or any other brands that might meet my needs. Thanks for the help!

I know that oakworks is a good brand. There are many other good brands. If you are concerned about affordability, you may check on for your area also your local newspaper classifieds and the classified ads for any natural health magazines that are published in your area, to see if there is a used one for sale.

You can go and look at it and see how sturdy it feels. I got my massage table and massage chair used. I got a great deal on some very nice, like new products.

Good luck to you.

What brand and model of massage chair would you recommend?

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Looking into a massage chair but have no idea what brand or model is reliable and economic.


why my blog don’t move to my new profile on yahoo?

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how can I move my blog’s entries from 360 to yahoo profile .why it doesnt work at all when I try for several times.why yahoo sent me massage that your blog moved to your new profile but when I go there i there is empty …nothing…pls help me…

You need to check the settings in your 360. If you had mature settings the blogs are not going to move. If you unclick the mature settings those blogs already there are not going to move but you can move future blogs.