Looking for affordable spa in the tampa/sarasota area?

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For a overnight stay, at a nice spa resort or no overnight needed if it is a really nice day spa, looking for the same quality as a ritz-carlton spa minus the price! Affordable to me is $100 for a massage that last an hour, $60 for a facial….
Orlando area is fine as well.

Go to spafinder.com There is one just outside of Clearwater, but I can’t remember the name that is a nice day spa

What is the lightest weight for a massage table?

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I’m doing a massage course and am looking at purchasing a massage table, but I need a light weight one just in case I want to do home visits. What is the best massage table to get? and the lightest?

Most portable tables are pretty lightweight, only the size is a little cumbersome if you’re a short person. If you get a carrying case, there’s usually a shoulder strap that makes it even easier. You can also get a little handcart to roll it around on if you find that you are doing lots of outcalls and moving the table from place to place a lot.

That said, I have an Earthlite table and I adore it.

What was the name of that chinese/japanese massage chair they used to sell in Debenhams/John Lewis?

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It basically straps on to the chair and gives a really god back massage

Thanks for your help?


they are shiatsu massargers they come in many forms……

and yes they are great!!!!!

I am homeless… you read some of my blog?

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Name: Chris

From: Fairbanks, AK

Age: 29, Native American and Gay Man

Location: NYC

Job: Apartment Cleaning and Foot Massage

Living: Shelter on West 168th Street

Internet Access: Library, Friend’s home and Internet Cafe

More info: Alcoholic with 32 Months Sobriety(AA and Church)

Blog: http://TheHomelessGuy-NYC.net

Myspace Page: http://www.myspace.com/TheHomelessGuy_NYC

Question: How is the beginning of your year. Mine is busy and coming along good.

My year is slow, but I’ve got high hopes!