Can someone please tell me how this stimulates the economy?

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More than $2.3 million in federal economic stimulus grants have gone to eight Tampa Bay, Florida area cosmetology and massage schools to pay tuition for the hairdressers, masseuses and nail technicians of tomorrow. How could this be a sensible thing? We need nurses not high school dropouts who become nail techs.

I wager that three fourths of those who attend these schools never complete them and end up working third shift at Waffle House. What a waste of money.

What is the difference between reiki end plate and standard end plates on a massage table?

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I’m looking to get a portable massage table due to I’m just coming out of massage school and I don’t know the difference. Could come one describe the difference between the two and if any pros and cons.

Reiki end plates are an open arch, presumably because a reiki practitioner would be doing more work sitting and want to be able to fit their legs under the table. The standard end plates on a massage table have a sort of decorative cross-piece, which gives them a little bit more stability (which is really only significant if you employ techniques that might mean the table is being subjected to a lot of motion during sessions, like Trager work or anything that requires getting up on the table with the client as in sports massage), but also means that when doing any work sitting down you have to spread your legs around the table to get close enough to the client. It’s personal preference, really.

I know that Earthlite has at least one model that you can get with a standard plate on one end of the table and a reiki plate on the other end, for folks who might sometimes want the option.

What recliner massage chair is cheapest, and still good?

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I want to… possibly purchase a recliner massage chair.
So I was wondering which one is cheap, yet really good?

I wouldn’t buy a massage chair, but instead a chair insert. If you want a recliner, then buy a recliner and add the chair insert.

Here’s the best line I have found for the money.. Homedics.

I have personally used the Shiatsu1 and Shiatsu+ (SBM-300H).

The Shiatsu action can be too deep, but if you want relief, it is by far the best relief available. And you can adjust your body to increase and decrease the pressure. If you like massagers that just vibrate, they have them as well. But I found the vibration creates temporary relief and the Shiatsu lasting relief.

Does having a blog just mean you are massaging your ego?

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and do you actually read anyone else’s or just your own.
I have one and enjoy doing it i just wanted other peoples thought’s on blogs :)

I find having a blog quite a therapeutic creative thing to do. I do read others blogs if they interest me. If they are my friends i make an extra effort to read so that i am upto date with where they are at, thats what friends are for!..