anyone know where I can get a great massage in the Tampa/ St. Pete/ Clearwater area?

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Oriental , full body massage or the like, you know what I mean, please give me some suggestions and good places thanks..
Or the Orlando area/ Gainesville , Daytona, anywhere really lol.

Here are some of Orlando’s best spas that offer those treatments and thier websites:

– The Ritz Carlton Spa

– The Eõ Inn & Spa

– Disney’s Grand Floridian Spa & Health Club

– The Spa at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort

– The Spa at Shingle Creek Resort

– Orlando World Center Marriott Spa

– Canyon Ranch Spa Club at Gaylord Palms

Hope that helps. Enjoy your relaxing experience!

Where can i get a portable massage table in Dubai?

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I am looking at buying a folding portable massage table / Bed in Dubai – where can i find one and at what price?

I saw a store selling massage tables but i forgot the name, but if your near Satwa you can check the store in front of Salt & pepper restaurant near Al maya Supermarket.

What do you prefer when doing your nails? Spa massage with jacuzzi pedicure chair or normal comfortable chairs?

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I am doing a nail spa salon.. and I am very confused in choosing the pedicure chairs!!! what do your prefer when doing ur nails? a massage chair with jacuzzi sink or a normal comfortable chair with a sink on the floor? both very luxurious.. I AM CONFUSED !!!! i need detailed answers pleaase as soon as possible :(

Why not split 50-50 the chairs, to be able to offer both options to your clients ? I personally prefer normal chairs.

Moms, what did you do to try and help trigger labor in the last few days of your pregnancies?

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My wife is over due with our first child and we’ve been reading about methods people think help induce labor, like spicy foods, massage, etc. Is there anything you tried that you think worked? Anything ridiculous or funny that you’ve heard?

I’m working on a blog for expectant fathers so this will help me personally and other expectant dads.

Thanks in advance!

I studied reflexology and there is a trigger point on the foot that is the uterus. Pressing this area will stimulate the uterus to start contractions. They do this in Chinese hospitals for women to speed up the labor process. Pedicurists are taught to avoid this area in pregnant women. Look up reflexology charts on the net and find the foot and the hand charts.