Best place for young family to live in Tampa Area? ?

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My husband and I may be making a move to the Tampa area which we are really excited about. However, we know nothing about the areas to live and which areas to not live. We have a 5 year old who will be in the 1st grade by the time we move.

We will start off by renting a home for a while. We would like to stay around $850-925 for rent. So my questions are, which areas have the best schools, is a very safe neighborhood and has homes to rent in our price range? In Columbus, Ohio, we have exactly that but I am just unsure how Tampa and Columbus compare.

My husband works in Sports Television Production and I am a Massage Therapist so location to work isn’t as much of a concern other than it would be nice to be closer to Tampa’s Sports venues which I am assuming is downtown? And if we have the option to be picky we would like a neighborhood that is kind of progressive/alternative/liberal. We’d like to be in a short driving distance to the beach also. But like I said safety and good schools are our priority. Any help would be grately appreciated.

Hyde Park is very nice, but it is more money than you can afford. It does have very good schools. See if you can find something in the Carrollwood area. It is a safe area with its own cultural center that has courses for children and adults, quiet streets. It is not far from downtown Tampa. I know Ben Hill is one of the better middle schools. I don’t know the elementary schools in Carrollwood, but there are a lot of professionals who live in that area and more liberal people. Lutz is very conservative. Cory Lakes, like the other person mentioned, is very nice, but it is very far away from everything and your husband would have a long commute in heavy traffic.

What to look for in a massage table?

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Im a student looking to buy my first massage table. Sometimes I see the terms static weight and working weight. What is the difference?

I don’t know.

But I can tell you this about buying a massage table for school. Buy the cheapest one you can find, like at Sam’s Club or COSTCO.

Why? Everything you think you want in a massage table now will change the first year your are out there practicing!

You will want a new table by the end of your first year practing. If you spend too much on a table now, you won’t be able to justify a change to a table you really want in the future.

I have a ComfortCraft 300 now. Top notch and well worth the 3K+ price tag. I would have held back from buying it if I had purchased a $800 portable table back in school like the school was trying to get me to do.

Also, start making your website site now so by the time you are out practicing, your site will be up and running getting plenty of traffic.:

What is the finest massage chair available on the market today? Any recommended brands?

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I’m looking for a very good massage chair, but I’ve never bought one before, so I have no idea what to look for. Are there some reliable brands out there? Price is no matter; I just want a good quality one that will last. Thanks for your help.

Check out – Search "best massage chair" in the upper right corner. There are some good insights. I am also looking for a chair right now. I would love to get the dolphin chair that goes horizontal (very expensive), but I know I will be using the chair very little to justify the price. Right now I am looking at a brand new Earthlite Vortex that is on craigslist. We will see.

What is the best blog based in kuwait?

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There is my saudi friend he is pretty new in kuwait i would like to know what is the best blog based in kuwait so he can get information regarding the famous places he would like to have a blog which speaks about variety of topics from Food to sight viewing to business and hotels and massage and fashions

thank you verymuch for you time

There are not really much blogger in kuwait by this i mean if you want to count them by fingers you can count them on your fingers one of them is saifullah he is pretty new blogger but he post on variety of topics which may help your saudi friend if you want know more about him go to