How do I begin networking?

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I just recently earned my massage license and it was suggested that I find a networking group. What is a networking group and where do I start? I live in Tampa, FL

Networking, simply put, is getting in contact with like-minded individuals. In your case it could be as easy as finding an internet group for you area that talk/write about your field. A quick search pulled this:

You can also create your own group for people to join.

Is a hard massage table not painful to erected penis when being worked on your back?

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In India Ayurvedic massage centres have hard wooden table without cushion. Is a hard massage table not painful to erected penis when being worked on your back?

You just have to make sure it is tucked to the side.

Where to buy a massage chair in toronto?

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I want a reclining massage chair, thats less than $2000. Where can I get one in Toronto?

i would say if they have a mall their go look around and find a store that’s around their like a chair store

Has anyone seen the new video massage chair? I read about it on a marketing blog. Has anyone used it yet?

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Okay, so I was reading about this new video massage chair (the link provided was that one of my friends keyed me onto. He went to this trade show and said that the attendees went wild for this marketing technology that gave you a massage in exchange (theoretically at least) for watching the infomercial/plug located on a television monitor positioned underneath the headrest opening of the chair.

It sounds amazing, but I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this relatively new device?

l do not know of this one really, but then they have chairs that do lots of things while playing games, watching T.V. and and plug into music. So l am not surprise about anything they invent.