senior condo low income?

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would like to move near tampa fl. im on low income can only afford a place for about $ 110,000. ALSO IM 65 AND HAVE A LISCENSE IN MASSAGE THERAPY SO I WOULD LIKE TO FIND WORK PART TIME IN THAT FIELD

Here are a couple of websites you can try!

You can search for homes and realtors that can help you with your quest..

Good luck to you!

What can i use as a massage table around the house?

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I want to do something special for my girlfriend, so i was thinking of a nice relaxing evening massage. but i dont have a massage table. Any ideas?

Bed, cushions on the floor, air mattress, soft area rug

Is Massage chair a good anniversary gift?

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It’s our second wedding anniversary and I was thinking about getting my husband a massage chair. He is always needing a massage because of his back pains, and my little fingers always get tired to quickly. Is this a good idea?

I have experienced two massage chairs.
Their prices were $3000.00 and $5000.00 here in New York.

The cheaper one was horrible.
The padding was great but the massaging rollers were terrible.

The expensive chair was nice in all aspects.

I would say that an added benefit would be the activities that both of you can partake in on the massage chair 

How would you name a massage business I have 3 options, in heaven, feel better, or comfort live?

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Im helping a friend of mine on picking up a name for a business that she will be running pretty soon, and they need a name for their company. they came up with three names but their are not sure about which one would sound better, the store is for all type of massage product, specially on massage chairs. So can you give us your input please only 21yrs and up this is not for inmature kids. unless you have a good idea, because thers a lot of people on this blog who likes answer with some pretty dumb.

Thank you,

Out of the three you listed in heaven, feel better, or comfort live I like

Feel Better