Massage thereapy, what site have the highest traffic?

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Hello I’m. A massage therapist in Tampa Florida. What site are the best to post my ad and website for massage ….

Try listing a bargain price with groupon

How do i choose a massage table?

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So i am a Massage Therapy student looking to buy my first table, and looking at what’s out there leaves me nothing but confused. So many companies, offering similar stats on their tables.
But i guess i want to know if there are some professionals out there who can recommend a certain name, or perhaps a particular model, that is decent in quality, but still will not cost me an arm and a leg.

look for a couple of items and the first is weight – I a big, tall man so i can handle a table heavier than most might like but you need to be able to handle a bulky table easily without hurting yourself.

Next look at material, I prefer wood rather than metal. Mine is beech wood.

The cover material should be oil and waterproof – PU Leather is a good choice.

Size: if you are small you must keep in mind the area you have to reach out and over so buy something that works for your body. The second issue is that many clients are bigger than we might prefer so you table must be large enough and strong enough to handle them safely. I would look for at least 350 pound limit for working load.

Last ease of setup. While all are similar some are harder than others to put up and take down. Look at all those you can and if friends get one look it over and see how easy it is to use.

When you find some brands you like don’t be shy about using a place like ebay to save some money.

I will avoid mentioning brands here but you can email me if you want to know more about mine

Can you use a massage chair during late pregnancy and labor?

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Hi ladies, I was just wondering if it is safe to use a massage chair during the last few weeks of prenancy (im 38 weeks) and also while you are in labor? I have one at home and use it every now and then but it seems to get the baby moving a lot. I also took a hospital tour and they had a spa tub and massage chair but one of the nurses said the massage chair cant be used during labor due to the electrical currents or something. She said it was there for the support people or the nurses to use. I dont believe her and just wondered if anyones hospital had one to use and if you used it.

I think the nurse is correct. Some doctors also will tell you not to use an electric blanket. This was found to be a problem back in the mid-90s for some women and rather than risk it, they recommend that no pregnant women use them. Many massage chairs say right on the chair that they are not to be used by pregnant women. It is the electric current, not the vibration, that is the perceived problem.

She rejected me but still friends what should I do?

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May anyone help me ? We were friends. I declared to her last year abruptly. But she rejected me; then, the following days we felt ashamed when me met. Recently her attitude has changed 360 degrees to me. I feel amazed and glad. Sometimes, when I work alone, she comes but just for a little while. I really don’t know what she is thinking at this moment. We are still in school, we have some very special circumstances. She is one who like conservative. You know. In tradition, females always tend to the males who are older than them. But I am younger than her one year, 25 ! She has worked already, but she goes back to school continually for chasing her dreams. She is a pharmacist, as I thought she is in a higher class than me. I have no house, no cars and no individual careers. Would she like me ? Would she be my the important one ? I have no ideas right now? We both are the first time to try to fall in love, so we don’t have too much experience about romance. What should I do to her ? CAN ANY ONE TELL ME ? I don’t want to lost her. Am I too stupid, I always thought she was giving hope to me. However, she is a girl. Most of the females are shy. But I am afraid of her rejection. On May 1st, she wrote a massage on her blog. She admired the people who got married. That means she is eager for marriage. But now my circumstance is very special. I can’t give her the welfare. But I like her ! However, May anyone tell me do I have any opportunity?


I think all you can do is tell her how you feel– that you think she’s wonderful, you’d like to know her better.

Tell her that you are working hard at school, and will be able to support a wife someday soon. Ask her if she is willing to wait for you and give you that chance.

If she is not, you’ll have to put that dream aside and seek someone else. It’s a hard thing, but thats the nature of love– it’s rarely easy, but always worth it.