Is there any paid massage therapy internships out there?

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if not paid are there any massage therapy internships out there near tampa, florida

No. There are no such things as massage therapy internships in the US.

How can I sell my massage table?

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Its new its been use twice I got it from school but I had got hurt . So I dont use it no more and my bills are behind I need the money for it. I had to pay my daughter funerals bills and its hard for me so the massage table is in good condintion. Well taken care of it has everything that goes to it even the case to put the massage in it.


Have you ever try to get massage in the saloon on the massage chair which is folding?

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Have you ever try to get massage in the saloon on the massage chair which is folding?

Yes. It was quite a good massage.

Men wearing Toe Nail Polish? What’s your take ladies?

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A while back I saw one of my favorite UFC fighters on his v-blog getting a peticure and having his toes painted. Additionally, I saw a interview where he had his toes painted green & white for St. Pat’s day.

I’ve never had a peticure or manicure or even a massage. Am I missing something?

I get regular pedicures every two weeks in always wear red polish on my toes and always wear sandals. Grow up people!! It is the year 2009; it’s not 1950 anymore. Women wear EVERY article of clothing and fashion that men wear. There are even articles in women’s fashion mags describing how to incorporate masculine items into to women’s wardrobes including neckties, men’s shoes, shirts, baseball caps, etc. Men can also borrow from women’s fashion and cosmetics. It is not just Chuck Liddell that is wearing toenail polish. Do some googling and you will find that many male athletes, rock stars, race car drivers, Hollywood Actors and other men wear nail polish. It is just color for God sakes, and is not really any different from a tattoo except that you can remove it. It is also fun to get nail art like flowers on the big toe to match your Hawaiian Shirts. The guy that replied that men who wear nail polish have something wrong with them or are gay is most likely very insecure in his sexuality and really should examine himself.