find a good massage tampa?

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How to choose a massage table for my grandmother?

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My grandmother is more than 70years old, I want to buy her a massage table for Christmas gifts. But I don’t know how to choose it.Can you give some advices? Thanks a lot.

A massage table should be about level with the hips of the person doing the massage. One with adjustable legs is always best. It should be comfortable for the person lying on it. Heavy people are more comfortable on a wide one. Some of them have holes for the face, but I never found that feature useful. Hope this helps.

How do I propose chair massage to a company?

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I would like to try to do chair massage for companies in my area. I’m not sure on how to write up a proposal. Does anyone have any info on what to write or where I can look online to get an idea? Thanks!!

Hi i think the first thing you should clear that you should know how to do this job and what’s result this job will bring to you. after you get this, i am sure you can make a good job in proposing chair massage to a company.

Why can’t i log into Flickr?

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I log in and it doesn’t actually log in. It just comes up with ‘Flickr is having a massage, check our online blog!’

Why can’t i log in?
No seriously, It did actually say ‘massage’

I’ve just logged on to confirm that. It does say it.

There’s been a problem with the servers on Flickr and they needed to be taken off line to be fixed.

I’m sorry if you felt that the "Flickr is having a massage" message was patronising – it’s simply part of the Flickr approach. Most users feel it’s a good approach, and better than leaving a blank page or an error code which few understand.

The site is back up, there may be some problems with database lag for a few more hours (it needs to be propagated over seven main servers) but it should be usable by now.

I’m sorry for the problems, hopefully you haven’t been too inconvenienced.