Why can’t i log into Flickr?

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I log in and it doesn’t actually log in. It just comes up with ‘Flickr is having a massage, check our online blog!’

Why can’t i log in?
No seriously, It did actually say ‘massage’

I’ve just logged on to confirm that. It does say it.

There’s been a problem with the servers on Flickr and they needed to be taken off line to be fixed.

I’m sorry if you felt that the "Flickr is having a massage" message was patronising – it’s simply part of the Flickr approach. Most users feel it’s a good approach, and better than leaving a blank page or an error code which few understand.

The site is back up, there may be some problems with database lag for a few more hours (it needs to be propagated over seven main servers) but it should be usable by now.

I’m sorry for the problems, hopefully you haven’t been too inconvenienced.

Can i revive and restart friendship with him?

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I make friend with him 2 month ago on his snsd blog, on the day first we were making jokes, fun and me and him are snsd fans but he been asking me to become translating author since day 3 because i told him a know korean language and hold his invition. Recently he got one new writing and translating author and everything turn bad, he ignored most of my private chat room massage or stop chatting with all people on his blog when i logged in the chatroom and he begin to chat after i logged out and all he say was my missuderstanding and he’s busy but why he’s chatting non stop when i logged out?. Just now i asking him to remove all my youtube videos he did embeded to his blog, but he ignoring my massage too then i say i going to disable it and he removed all my videos and but he still doesn’t say anything or reply message. what to do now, i asked him to decleare cut ties but he still no replying anything. I did cut ties with him Yesterday, but today i going back to his blog page and i asking him is we can be friends with him but he not replying everything. Today too i lose some subscriber on youtube is that his jobs too?


Men wearing Toe Nail Polish? What’s your take ladies?

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A while back I saw one of my favorite UFC fighters on his v-blog getting a peticure and having his toes painted. Additionally, I saw a interview where he had his toes painted green & white for St. Pat’s day.

I’ve never had a peticure or manicure or even a massage. Am I missing something?

I get regular pedicures every two weeks in always wear red polish on my toes and always wear sandals. Grow up people!! It is the year 2009; it’s not 1950 anymore. Women wear EVERY article of clothing and fashion that men wear. There are even articles in women’s fashion mags describing how to incorporate masculine items into to women’s wardrobes including neckties, men’s shoes, shirts, baseball caps, etc. Men can also borrow from women’s fashion and cosmetics. It is not just Chuck Liddell that is wearing toenail polish. Do some googling and you will find that many male athletes, rock stars, race car drivers, Hollywood Actors and other men wear nail polish. It is just color for God sakes, and is not really any different from a tattoo except that you can remove it. It is also fun to get nail art like flowers on the big toe to match your Hawaiian Shirts. The guy that replied that men who wear nail polish have something wrong with them or are gay is most likely very insecure in his sexuality and really should examine himself.

Certified Massage Therapist vs Licensed Massage Therapist?

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I was thinking of going to school to become a massage therapist and had some questions. What is the difference between being a licensed massage therapist and a certified massage therapist? I know that a certificate is less schooling and cheaper but will I still be able to get decent work? And another question I had was being a male would it be harder for me to find work in this field? I asked this because I came across a blog about a guy who went to school for massage therapy and is now having a very difficult time finding work and he believes it’s because of his gender. Any feedback would help, 10 points to the best answer!

When you finish your massage therapy education you then certified. But you also need to get a license to be able to work. The criteria is dependent on which state you live in. My education took close to two years because i specialized in many modalities (clinical, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, trigger point etc.). Remember, the more modalities you know, the better the jobs are going to be. Male massage therapists may have a harder time in spas, but there are so many places you can work depending on what you are interested in. Hospitals, chiropratic offices, physical therapy clinics are all great places to work. Bottom line, the more educated and talented you are, the more successful you’re going to be regardless of your gender. Good luck!!

She rejected me but still friends what should I do?

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May anyone help me ? We were friends. I declared to her last year abruptly. But she rejected me; then, the following days we felt ashamed when me met. Recently her attitude has changed 360 degrees to me. I feel amazed and glad. Sometimes, when I work alone, she comes but just for a little while. I really don’t know what she is thinking at this moment. We are still in school, we have some very special circumstances. She is one who like conservative. You know. In tradition, females always tend to the males who are older than them. But I am younger than her one year, 25 ! She has worked already, but she goes back to school continually for chasing her dreams. She is a pharmacist, as I thought she is in a higher class than me. I have no house, no cars and no individual careers. Would she like me ? Would she be my the important one ? I have no ideas right now? We both are the first time to try to fall in love, so we don’t have too much experience about romance. What should I do to her ? CAN ANY ONE TELL ME ? I don’t want to lost her. Am I too stupid, I always thought she was giving hope to me. However, she is a girl. Most of the females are shy. But I am afraid of her rejection. On May 1st, she wrote a massage on her blog. She admired the people who got married. That means she is eager for marriage. But now my circumstance is very special. I can’t give her the welfare. But I like her ! However, May anyone tell me do I have any opportunity?


I think all you can do is tell her how you feel– that you think she’s wonderful, you’d like to know her better.

Tell her that you are working hard at school, and will be able to support a wife someday soon. Ask her if she is willing to wait for you and give you that chance.

If she is not, you’ll have to put that dream aside and seek someone else. It’s a hard thing, but thats the nature of love– it’s rarely easy, but always worth it.

What would you do if you found this story in your 16-year-old son/daughter’s blog?

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When Michael woke up, his alluring wife, Elisa, was already in the Nautical galley, cooking his breakfast. When he walked in the scullery, wearing simply a pair of red boxers, she smiled politely and placed a layer before him, on the kitchen listing. ‘‘Eggs,’’ Michael said rudely. ‘‘Eggs. I had eggs for breakfast yesterday morning, Elisa. And the morning before. And the morning before. Is it unsuitable for you to cook something that isn’t eggs?’’ ‘‘Well, I…’’ She stuttered. Michael grabbed the face and threw it against the fence. He then grabbed Elisa’s arm and threw the frail lady on the floor, next to their cat’s edibles bowl. He ran upstairs, whilst his helpmeet, with blood in her gob, managed to get up. A few minutes later, he ran back downstairs, wearing his house suit, and leftist without saying goodbye. Elisa cried as the man she loved so dear left. ‘‘Oh, Katherine,’’ Elisa heard herself say, as their trifling, orange cat came out of the area running. ‘‘You are my only adherent.’’

It was nearly twelve o’clock noon and Elisa was sitting in the Nautical galley, staring at the chalk-white wall. She could still soup the blood in her gateway, since she felt too depressed to go con her teeth. What will I do? She asked herself, crying. Michael was always hurting her. And it was outmoded to make him pay. But how could she? She touched her desire. After all, she was carrying their nipper. And Michael didn’t distinguish it yet. I have to steal some well-to-do, Elisa trifle. What is keeping me here? All I have are my thoughts. My many thoughts. She intern her eyes and for a assist, a brief, gruff second, she was twenty years in the whilom. Norway. Iceland. Sweden. Maryland. Portion her neighbour set her Christmas tree. Treatise glasses. Losing her virginity to a Danish man. She smiled. I have my youth, too. Perhaps it will be a little young lady. She had always wanted a hardly any girl. Or a boy. She remembered her nephew. He had died a few years earlier.

She ran up the stairs and grabbed a hanger. I cannot keep the indulge, she thought. It’s… It’s Michael’s. She had cogitation about it all afternoon. It’s too much. I don’t scarceness to be associated to Michael anymore. I am leaving. I am affluent to my mother’s. She ran downstairs, holding the wire hanger. It’s habits. She opened her legs and shoved it interior her vagina, shaking it. The tribulation was unbearable. She was screaming. ‘‘Oh, God!’’ The neighbours heard her bemoan many times. All of a sudden, she pulled the wire hanger out and something was seconded to it. She felt a zip on her cheek. It was Michael’s babe in arms. Michael’s issue. Michael’s blood and his genes. Thankfully it was disused now. She placed it on the larder table, sat down before it, and watched it carefully, as though she was waiting for it to move. She touched it gently with her fingers. She smiled. Michael doesn’t like the meals I cook up him, she thought. Let’s see if he likes that.

When Michael walked in the lineage later that day, he smelled a rather odd scent, one he had never smelled before. What on Dirt, he thought. Elisa was wearing a prolonged, black accoutre and her hair was curled. She was wearing red lipstick and yellow stilettos. ‘‘Salutary evening, Michael,’’ she said. ‘‘Sit down.’’ She placed a portion before him, smiling. Oh, she deliberating, if only he knew it’s his own newborn… She tried not to mock at. She sat down in front of him, on a chair, the Nautical galley table between them. ‘‘Aren’t you active to eat?’’ Michael asked. ‘‘I already ate,’’ Elisa said. He took a gnaw. ‘‘This is delectable,’’ he exclaimed. ‘‘What is it?’’ ‘‘Veal,’’ she replied dryly, slowly slipping her foot out of her stiletto. It went up Michael’s leg, touched his thigh, and his create, large penis, which she started, using the tip of her toes, massaging. He started smiling. ‘‘Are you teasing me?’’ He asked. ‘‘Why, yes, I am, Michael,’’ she replied. Michael in a flash grabbed the scullery table and threw it against the bulkhead; the meal she had spout most of the afternoon cooking splashed all over the larder floor. He jumped on her. She hew down off her chair. Like two animals, they started making disposition. Screaming and yelling and penetrating each other. Elisa moaned with gratification as Michael’s thickset lips found her tyrannical nipples. For a few minutes, they made honey. Once it was over, they stayed on the conquer, Michael’s immense arms around Elisa’s neck. ‘‘Intermission,’’ she said. She slowly crawled at the other end of the scullery and picked up, with her eat one’s heart out fingers, the particular course of Michael’s dish. ‘‘Start the ball rolling your mouth,’’ she said. He obeyed. She placed his newborn on his tongue. ‘‘Swallow it,’’ she whispered. Once again, he obeyed.

The next morning, Elisa bursting her stuff and red before Michael woke up. He never knew he had, the round-the-clock before, eaten his own son.

It sounds very much like a young male’s writing but either way ,as it is presumably that of a 16 year old, I wouldn’t worry to much.

It is the very nature of teenagers to push the boundaries of good taste and conventional manners as far as they will go.

On technical level, it really isn’t very good, so if they want to make it as a writer later on, there is real room for improvement.

None of us ever want to think of our children as sentient, sexual animals any more than they want to believe us capable of it. My best advice is wrap the whole thing up in a box in your mind and leave it there until you are ninety and he/she is ? Then you can both laugh about it.
But don’t give yourself grief about it unless it lines up with a load of other tasteless behaviour.

Strange to say , they grow into thinking , caring adults!

Need help naming my blog!?

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I want to start a blog about being a massage therapist and about my journey getting there but I don’t know what to name it!? Any ideas?!

Just look for a foreign word

How would you name a massage business I have 3 options, in heaven, feel better, or comfort live?

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Im helping a friend of mine on picking up a name for a business that she will be running pretty soon, and they need a name for their company. they came up with three names but their are not sure about which one would sound better, the store is for all type of massage product, specially on massage chairs. So can you give us your input please only 21yrs and up this is not for inmature kids. unless you have a good idea, because thers a lot of people on this blog who likes answer with some pretty dumb.

Thank you,

Out of the three you listed in heaven, feel better, or comfort live I like

Feel Better

HELP!!! What is wrong with this meta tag code?

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I am using this code on my blogger.com. I get the message that it cannot be parsed because it is not well formed. What does that mean? HELP!!!
<meta name="description" content="This site details and provides guides to erotic and sensual massage. Sexuality, sensuality, sex, eroticism, touching, sexual acts, massaging, cuddling, bonding, relationships, swedish massage, relaxation massage will be discussed.">
<meta name="keywords" content="erotic massage, sensual massage, swedish massage, relaxation massage, sex, sexuality, sensuality, touch, cuddling, bonding, relationships, eroticism, couples, marriage">
<meta name="rating" content="General">
<meta name="ROBOTS" content="ALL">
<meta name="Robots" content="index,follow">
<meta name="revisit-after" content="14 days">
<meta name="distribution" content="Global">
<meta name="author" content="Christine Morris Black">



Only error I see with them is that you have not closed any of the tags.

An example you gave close might be :

<meta name="author" content="Christine Morris Black" />

iCarly-Spencer’s “how I served my communty”blog. It’s funny! what do u think?

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How I Served My Community
Yo, what up? It’s me Spencer! So I’m writing to you from Officer Carl’s laptop. Do you remember Officer Carl? He was the cop that almost arrested me last year cuz the sign I made for iCarly went kooky and ended up saying "Pee on Carl" — and cuz it caused like 50 car crashes. I hope Officer Carl doesn’t mind that I borrowed his laptop. He’s in the bathroom (He’s been in there for a LONG time). Anyway, I’m in his office cuz I had to do 8 hours of community service. Why, you ask?? Because I REFUSE to pay my bicycle parking ticket!!! I got the ticket because I parked in a handicap spot. I tried to explain to Officer Carl that the definition of handicap means: A physical or mental problem that makes life more difficult. Um, excuse me, I had a MAJOR butt cramp that was making my life very difficult and I didn’t want to walk all the way across the street because the vibrations from walking caused my butt to throb and quiver oddly. Who wants THAT?!? Uh, NO ONE. Okay, so I finally finished my community service (I’m about to report all of it to Officer Carl). Here’s all the stuff I did to serve my community.

Hour One:
I picked up trash on the side of the road. THIS WAS FUN. I got a lotta stuff for my sculptures. It was really hard carrying it home 3 miles though. Officer Carl wouldn’t let me in his police car with the monster-truck wheel that I found. P.S. I also found a toothbrush with blood on it (someone needs to floss more!).

Hour Two:
I had to clean the ladies’ bathroom at a rest stop. Umm…no one told the ladies that I was going in there. So one lady (a really big one) knocked me down and then another smaller lady (I think her name was Lucille) beat me with her umbrella while the bigger, fleshier lady held me down on the ladies’ room floor. Man, ladies can be mean when they are in the restroom!

Hour Three:
I had to hold a "Leeches Anonymous" support group in my house. It’s for people who are addicted to putting leeches all over their body — you know those blood-sucking worms. Yuck! Well, anyway, I think some of the leeches got lost and now Carly and I have to sleep with the lights on!

Hour Four:
This hour was a full 60 minutes of Random Acts of Kindness. The first thing I did was stand on the side of the road and compliment people. There was one guy who had a very shiny head. I told him his head was nice and shiny. He responded by punching me in the neck. So I yanked his pants down and ran away.

Hour Five:
I had to give Officer Carl a foot massage — I DO NOT understand how this helps the community!

Hour Six:
I sniffed things for people who don’t have the ability to smell (they’re called "nasally challenged"). It wasn’t so bad until I smelled this woman’s son who happened to be a hobo. Some hobos may smell wonderful — this one did not. I think it’s because he keeps his pockets full of baked beans. I don’t understand hobos. But man, they sure love baked beans!

Hour Seven:
I had to teach old people how to use the Internet. I taught them NEVER to go to Nevelocity.com and made all their homepages iCarly.com. This was cool except now Carly, Sam, and Freddie get lots of videos from the nursing home like wheelchair races, denture tricks, and tips for "How to Cheat at Bingo."

Hour Eight:
Officer Carl made me walk around town wearing a giant sign that read: "Pee on Spencer." Lucky for me, most people just gave me weird looks. But this one huge dog (named "Rex") took the sign’s advice. Now I need a new left shoe. Thanks a lot, Rex. That dog must do nothing but drink water all day long!

LOL that was so funny. my favorites were hour 8 and hour 2.