How do I propose chair massage to a company?

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I would like to try to do chair massage for companies in my area. I’m not sure on how to write up a proposal. Does anyone have any info on what to write or where I can look online to get an idea? Thanks!!

Hi i think the first thing you should clear that you should know how to do this job and what’s result this job will bring to you. after you get this, i am sure you can make a good job in proposing chair massage to a company.

How can I market my chair massage business?

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I am starting a chair massage business where I go to homes and businesses to do chair massage but I don’t know how to get the clients. Any advice?

Talk with companies that have employees working 8hr desk jobs. Mention you are promoting your chair massage business and you would like to include their business on your monthly rotation. Explain that you plan to visit office buildings each week and would like to include their business on the rotation. Initially, offer 2hours of work during a specific day of the week. Anyone interested must email you for a 15 minute time (aha! you now have their email!!!). If no one emails you, then show up anyway (the first time). Offer 50% off fee the first time, payment coming directly to you from each client. Even if you only get one person the first time with contact info, you are at least "in" with the company. Then plan a second visit in about 4 weeks because, "that is the next available week." [They don’t need to know you have all kinds of time available. Make it seem like you are already busy with other businesses interested.] If they do not want to schedule with you right away, then ask if they would rather be put on the schedule two months from now. This does two things. First, it forces a follow up session in either one month or two. Second, it determines their interest. If they want one right away next month, then get the ball rolling with them. If they want one in two months, it may not be a good location, but follow up with them in one month anyway! It may develop further. The second visit, continue to offer 50% off to those who refer another person in, and the referred person gets 25% off. If there is a third visit that is successful, then you may want to offer package discounts which forces additional visits. Then you can renegotiate frequency.

Focus on 50 businesses you want to contact initially. Make a commitment to get at least 2 businesses per week on your rotation. As you get through your 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd visit with each business you visit, you will begin to determine which locations are your top candidates for more frequent visits at a more desirable fee. If the employees are happy with your visits, then ask the employer if they are willing to pay for a percentage of the sessions (to guarantee you pay for each minute you are there for them), then also integrate some gift certificates, drawings or prizes into the mix for "employees of the month" or other such recognitions. I hope this helps a little.

Have you ever try to get massage in the saloon on the massage chair which is folding?

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Have you ever try to get massage in the saloon on the massage chair which is folding?

Yes. It was quite a good massage.

URGENT What Certification is required to sell a massage chair in USA?

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I wish to export massage chairs to USA but am not sure what electrical (and other) certification is required, There are so many certifications that is hard to know, UL, CUL, ETL, FDA. EMC. FCC.
Please help this is an urgent question.

I retail massage chairs in the US and it would probably not be cool to call a competitor in the US, like Human Touch, but have you considered contacting a chinese manufacturing company about the certifications? Go to and type in "massage chairs" in the search field and a bunch of chinese companies will come up, many of which already ship their products to the US.

Hope this assists in some way.

Dr. Alan Weidner

Can you use a massage chair during late pregnancy and labor?

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Hi ladies, I was just wondering if it is safe to use a massage chair during the last few weeks of prenancy (im 38 weeks) and also while you are in labor? I have one at home and use it every now and then but it seems to get the baby moving a lot. I also took a hospital tour and they had a spa tub and massage chair but one of the nurses said the massage chair cant be used during labor due to the electrical currents or something. She said it was there for the support people or the nurses to use. I dont believe her and just wondered if anyones hospital had one to use and if you used it.

I think the nurse is correct. Some doctors also will tell you not to use an electric blanket. This was found to be a problem back in the mid-90s for some women and rather than risk it, they recommend that no pregnant women use them. Many massage chairs say right on the chair that they are not to be used by pregnant women. It is the electric current, not the vibration, that is the perceived problem.

My massage chair HT270 stopped rolling , Does anyone know, Any links or manuals on how to repair it ?

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Massage Chairs HT270 Service manual link

contact human touch, the Company that made it at (800) 355-2762. If it cannot be fixed and it is no longer under warranty let me know because I need to buy a spare part for my broken chair.

Stabilizer connected to voltage regulator connected to massage chair?

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Connected a voltage stabilizer to 230V 50Hz outlet. Connected a voltage regulator (output 110V) 120Watts to the output of stabilizer. Connected a 110V 60Hz massage chair to the output of regulator. The regulator burnt with smoke coming out. Any reasons why this could have happened.

The most likely answer is that your massage chair draws WAY more that 120 watts, or demanded way more current (amperage) than the 120W unit could handle. 120W at 110V equals about 1 amp (not much). The powerful motor on your chair probably draws ten times that, or 10 amps, which equals 1100 watts!

You need to determine how many total watts the chair requires, then add about 10% more to that value for a safety margin, and buy a 110v power supply that can handle that amount of wattage/amperage. It should be printed somewhere on the chair. Check out this calculator to help you figure it out:

The 50/60 Hz disparity is another potential pain all together, that may or may not cause problems down the road, but was not the cause of your burnout.

Is Massage chair a good anniversary gift?

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It’s our second wedding anniversary and I was thinking about getting my husband a massage chair. He is always needing a massage because of his back pains, and my little fingers always get tired to quickly. Is this a good idea?

I have experienced two massage chairs.
Their prices were $3000.00 and $5000.00 here in New York.

The cheaper one was horrible.
The padding was great but the massaging rollers were terrible.

The expensive chair was nice in all aspects.

I would say that an added benefit would be the activities that both of you can partake in on the massage chair 

Can I use an electric massage chair while pregnant?

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I just got a massage chair that you strap onto any seat and plug it in. It heats up and vibrates all over. I am five months pregnant…. Is it ok to use it???
Also, i heard somewhere there might be an electric current that’s in the chair the that can be bad for you while pregnant. Is that true?
Also, i heard somewhere there might be an electric current that’s in the chair the that can be bad for you while pregnant. Is that true?

just to be safe don’t use one til you ask your ob/ gyn or midwife.

Who makes the best therapeutic massage chair?

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For massage therapists.
This would be the most useful kind of chair – kind of a chair equivalent to the Honda accord.

Oakworks, hands down. The Oakworks Portal Pro 3 is the only chair I will use or recommend anymore. The design is just genius; it’s very lightweight, and you can adjust for not only the client’s size, but your own height as well. With a sternum pad, it’s even comfortable for very pregnant women because of the shape of the frame.