How to choose a massage table for my grandmother?

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My grandmother is more than 70years old, I want to buy her a massage table for Christmas gifts. But I don’t know how to choose it.Can you give some advices? Thanks a lot.

A massage table should be about level with the hips of the person doing the massage. One with adjustable legs is always best. It should be comfortable for the person lying on it. Heavy people are more comfortable on a wide one. Some of them have holes for the face, but I never found that feature useful. Hope this helps.

Where can I sell my massage table?

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Is there any place that will buy my massage table from me. I have put adds in the classifides but no one is intrested. It’s a perfectly good table and I need to get tid of it because I have a new one. Are there any stores that would buy it?

put it on ebay and let people bid, or you could just put a buy now price. You could put it up for collection only as well, if it is easier.
good luck on selling it!

How can I sell my massage table?

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Its new its been use twice I got it from school but I had got hurt . So I dont use it no more and my bills are behind I need the money for it. I had to pay my daughter funerals bills and its hard for me so the massage table is in good condintion. Well taken care of it has everything that goes to it even the case to put the massage in it.


any one have a portable massage table they want to sell?

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i have just started massage school. i’ve been wanting to do this for years and now i’m there. but i really want a table so i can start practicing. my husband says i’m already alot better than i was. if anyone can help or give me some web sites that would be great. also any advice would be helpful.

I got my massage table at costco. It’s a Master Massage table and I am pleased with the quality, you can get it at the store or order from the web. Otherwise it’s difficult to recommend other brands of tables without actually seeing them or using them. You want to make sure they have enough padding, are light weight but are listed to hold plenty of weight ( the table I got was rated for 1500 lbs but only cost about $200.00).
As far as school goes, the best advice I can give you is work with everyone in your class. Teaming up with one person limits you so much. Learn from everyone and exchange alot.

How do i choose a massage table?

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So i am a Massage Therapy student looking to buy my first table, and looking at what’s out there leaves me nothing but confused. So many companies, offering similar stats on their tables.
But i guess i want to know if there are some professionals out there who can recommend a certain name, or perhaps a particular model, that is decent in quality, but still will not cost me an arm and a leg.

look for a couple of items and the first is weight – I a big, tall man so i can handle a table heavier than most might like but you need to be able to handle a bulky table easily without hurting yourself.

Next look at material, I prefer wood rather than metal. Mine is beech wood.

The cover material should be oil and waterproof – PU Leather is a good choice.

Size: if you are small you must keep in mind the area you have to reach out and over so buy something that works for your body. The second issue is that many clients are bigger than we might prefer so you table must be large enough and strong enough to handle them safely. I would look for at least 350 pound limit for working load.

Last ease of setup. While all are similar some are harder than others to put up and take down. Look at all those you can and if friends get one look it over and see how easy it is to use.

When you find some brands you like don’t be shy about using a place like ebay to save some money.

I will avoid mentioning brands here but you can email me if you want to know more about mine

Anyone know where to get a massage table?

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Im starting school for massage therapy in a few weeks and I need to get a table. I would like to actually go into a store to look at them, but I dont know where any are! Any ideas would be great! I live in Du Page county, right outside Chicago, Illinois. So places that are close to there are where I need to look! Thanks!
Muchos Gracis!

ultimate backrub store
(773) 248-4782
547 W Diversey Pky, Chicago, IL

relax the back store
(773) 348-2225
1925 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL

down under
(773) 596-5625
2554 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL

What can I substitute for a massage table?

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I need to practice my massage techniques on my dad, but I don’t have a massage table. He usually lies on a bed and that works fine, especially for sternocleidomastoid massage, but I need something to act as a head cradle so he can lie face down and leave me access to the back of his neck.

I like Theresa’s answer, using pillows from foot to shoulder and then using a rolled towel for a face cradle. Just remember this–find something for him to lie on that is approximately the width of a massage table. Massaging on a bed not only entails the person you’re massaging to move when you need to get at their other side but is REALLY bad for your own back. I advise against it.

At your first opportunity, get a table. Look on your school bulletin board for a used one. Some online sites sell tables cheaper as does Costco. You may possibly be able to rent one from someone who has an extra. Aside from your hands, this is your most essential tool. As you earn as a licensed therapist, save up for the best table you can afford. Then sell your used one to someone like you!

What can i use as a massage table around the house?

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I want to do something special for my girlfriend, so i was thinking of a nice relaxing evening massage. but i dont have a massage table. Any ideas?

Bed, cushions on the floor, air mattress, soft area rug

Where can I purchase a portable massage table that will ship to an FPO address (military)?

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I’m stationed overseas and would like to purchase a portable massage table. I can’t find anyone that will ship to a military address.

I’ve found that you can purchase anything and have it shipped by because they are easily axcesable and very good to deal with. I dealt with them in the sandbox and they shipped everything fast and very well. Hope it helps

I purchased a massage table and there is a strong chemical smell (e.g. smells like gas). What is it?

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I recently purchased a massage table. The massage table came in a carrying bag. There is a strong chemical smells a little like gas..anyone know what this smell is?

Most likely it is the rubber feet or other rubber part. I bought a keyboard stand from Guitar Center and had a similar strong smell of gasoline. It was the rubber feet. Very sickening. I thought I stepped in gas or something. I returned it and bought an "Ultimate".

If you choose a better quality table this would not happen. Oakworks and Earthlite are two of the best.

They are more expensive but you definately get what you pay for. I bought an Oakworks when I started school. The whole package cost about $800, which included a deluxe case, deluxe face cradle, bolster, fleece and wheeled stool. About 3 years later the table had a small tear in the upholstery near the closure which came from a minor design flaw. I sent it back and they replaced the entire table free of charge giving me the updated and improved version (Nova) they even replaced the bolster and face cradle because the material was the older version. The new material is eco-friendly. They also paid the shipping both ways.

Before this table I bought the $99 special at Sam’s Club. Most of my clients had an allergic reaction to the materials and the table was a lot heavier and less durable.

There are other reputable companies that make good tables but Oakworks and Earthlite are the only ones I’ve bought and liked. My wife and I have no complaints about either brand with Oakworks being the ultimate preference.

My wife is also a therapist but she is a lot smaller than me and the Earthlite is definately lighter but Oakworks also makes lightweight tables.