Can i revive and restart friendship with him?

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I make friend with him 2 month ago on his snsd blog, on the day first we were making jokes, fun and me and him are snsd fans but he been asking me to become translating author since day 3 because i told him a know korean language and hold his invition. Recently he got one new writing and translating author and everything turn bad, he ignored most of my private chat room massage or stop chatting with all people on his blog when i logged in the chatroom and he begin to chat after i logged out and all he say was my missuderstanding and he’s busy but why he’s chatting non stop when i logged out?. Just now i asking him to remove all my youtube videos he did embeded to his blog, but he ignoring my massage too then i say i going to disable it and he removed all my videos and but he still doesn’t say anything or reply message. what to do now, i asked him to decleare cut ties but he still no replying anything. I did cut ties with him Yesterday, but today i going back to his blog page and i asking him is we can be friends with him but he not replying everything. Today too i lose some subscriber on youtube is that his jobs too?


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    yesReferences :

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