How can I sell my massage table?

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Its new its been use twice I got it from school but I had got hurt . So I dont use it no more and my bills are behind I need the money for it. I had to pay my daughter funerals bills and its hard for me so the massage table is in good condintion. Well taken care of it has everything that goes to it even the case to put the massage in it.


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  1. Rebecca Marie Says:

    ebay!References :

  2. Celi Says:

    Try craigslist. Also, I’m sorry about your daughter.References :

  3. cliam Says:

    Ebay or Craiglist is an option.

    Try promoting it to your friends or neighborhood. You might not know who would be interested.References :

  4. jackeblagare Says:

    The easiest way to sell something is to go through acquaintances first. There is a big possibility that one of your friends are willing to buy it. If not, try their friends. If it still fails, in the absence of a local shop that caters to buying second-hand things, you may sell it through EBay. In fact, there are services that offer to sell your products at EBay for you.References :

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