Massage thereapy, what site have the highest traffic?

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Hello I’m. A massage therapist in Tampa Florida. What site are the best to post my ad and website for massage ….

Try listing a bargain price with groupon

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  1. Stanley Clerge Says:

    Craiglist ( little traffic)
    Yelp ( no traffic)
    Youtube videos about your business- Local search ( lotta traffic with better conversion)References :

  2. kadel Says:

    Try listing a bargain price with grouponReferences :

  3. Roosevelt Goose, Publisher Says:

    Ask your clients how they found you and pursue any patterns.

    Take advantage of free listings such as and Google Local.

    You might test run a Google Adwords campaign for a month or so if you can tie down key words specific enough to your city.
    .References : Author, "Massage Therapist and Client"

  4. Firebrains Says:

    You don’t get clients through web sites. You get them by meeting people out in public and by networking with other professionals like chiropractors.

    Besides that, your grammar and spelling are SO POOR that no one would consider you a serious professional. Only men who wanted happy endings would call you.References :

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